We offer financial solutions to help you with life’s biggest questions. Whether you’re preparing for retirement, raising a family, running a business or all the above, we have the strategies and the know-how to help. 

In a fee-based financial planning relationship, we’ll work with you to create a plan tailored specifically to your unique situation, touching on all facets of your financial world. You are provided with a written, comprehensive plan, complete with customized recommendations and in-depth, thorough analysis. You’ll also have optional access to a client portal, which can allow you to link your assets and liabilities in real-time, regardless of where they are. This allows you to see your entire financial picture in one place whenever you need to.
A strategic approach to investing focuses on building a portfolio with a level of risk and reward that’s appropriate for you. It’s a complex, ever-changing task that calls for the knowledge, judgment and independent perspective we can offer. We help our clients choose from a wide variety of asset managers and utilize mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, separately managed accounts and more.
Having solid strategies in place to help you prepare for the unexpected only enhances your financial health. We offer several options for life insurance, long-term disability insurance (LTD) and long-term care insurance (LTC).
You work, save and build up assets over your lifetime. Estate planning helps ensure that what happens to them isn’t left to chance. Whether it’s a focus on speeding up probate, minimizing estate taxes, charitable inclinations or generational wealth transfer, collaborating with knowledgable tax, legal and financial specialists to tailor your estate plan is a critical step to take, far before you think it’ll be an issue.
Identifying an effective gifting strategy is important for both you and for the charity you support. Developing a thoughtful, long-term approach for charitable giving can help you maximize the impact of your donations.
The owners of closely-held businesses face unique challenges at every stage along the way. We work with our business-owner clients to design and, where appropriate, fund strategies that include: succession strategies, executive carve-out plans, key employee retention, buy-sell arrangements, key-person arrangements, and much more.
In addition to retirement plans, we also offer group benefits plans, including group life insurance, long-term disability and long-term care plans.
Without looking at retirement many years prior to your actual retirement, you cannot know what you will need and how your life will look. Building your retirement assets in your 401k or IRAs is a great start, but how much are you really going to need? We can help to fully present where you are now with the consideration of all of your current income and net worth. We can then discuss various scenarios of what your financial position would be at retirement. We will consider different growth percentages, amounts invested, income changes to help you understand how changes you make can impact your future. We can recommend changes to help you hit your goals. Many strategies take 10 to 20 years to achieve, so it is important to start as soon as possible.